Day 0


On this page I want to share the idea behind this Program so you can decide if it is suitable for you. I will introduce the topics of emotional and spiritual intelligence, as well the duality – the most important part of working with it.

The assignment
Reading time: 1.5 minutes

In Bulgaria we say that “There are passengers for every train”. Working with the 29-Day Program is like boarding a train that can take you from one point of your spiritual journey to another. If you are not the right passenger for this train, you may get disappointed. I wrote this Introduction in an attempt to avoid such disappointments.


Here I will share the idea behind this Program, as well as what emotional and spiritual intelligence are. I see my creative contribution in the uncovering of the relationship between these two types of intelligence. In my opinion, this is also the most valuable thing that working with the Program can give you.


Therefore, if you want to know if this Program is the right train for you, I suggest that you read on and feel if my words resonate you with. If you do not feel any response, that will be a sign not to get on the train. And, conversely, if you feel that there is an emotional resonance between my words and you, there is a good chance that this Program is the right thing for you.


If you want to be extra sure of your choice, you will have one more opportunity to test it out – by doing the Day One practice, which always begins on a New Moon.