About the author

You can read more about my professional biography and working method on my personal page theheartof.espirited.com

My name is Kameliya Hadzhiyska

and I am a psychologist and psychotherapist with over 30 years of professional experience. I am also the creator of espirited.com, which is dedicated to the relationship between mental health and spiritual development. This website reflects what is most essential to me as a psychotherapist – my strong interest in matters of the soul and its care.


I believe that psychology, as the science of the human soul, has a special role to mediate between abstract spiritual ideas and their embodiment in everyday life. This stems from the duality of living in the matter. If this duality is not taken into account and an individual approach is not applied to each individual person, in each specific situation, even the most exalted spiritual values become a source of psychic shadow and lead to the appearance of its opposite.


In this sense, the role of psychology is indispensable – it is the means of applied spirituality. It does this by helping one understand how the opposites operate in one’s own psyche and how to seek the third that unites them. In my experience, this third is the qualities of wisdom, love, and truth. This program for the soul and its care is dedicated to the development of the qualities of wisdom, love and truth.

How this program was born

The idea for the Program came after two one-month online trainings, which were very inspiring both for me and for the participants. The main part of the assignments was born during the first group. It was a very creative and at the same time very exhausting process for me. During the second group, the main structure of the Program was finally formed and I included the additional reading texts.

When these two groups ended, I knew that I had managed to extract and articulate the essence of a significant part of my professional experience. I saw in a new way the connection between emotional and spiritual intelligence. For me, before these two groups, these were two different types of intelligence. While I was writing the texts, I realized that it is the same thing with different levels of manifestation. This thing is the desire that comes from both the empirical Self (ego) and the soul.

The result was a classic training with different assignments and readings which very naturally deepens the understanding, demonstrating how the different elements of the human psyche – desire, emotions, thoughts, sensations, behavior and intuition – interact.

I realize that when you do these steps by yourself – without sharing in a group and without my feedback on each assignment – the experience may be less inspiring. At the same time, I know that the assignments are very valuable on their own and you can accomplish a lot by practicing them by yourself. I believe that if the reader’s mind resonates with what I have written, and then they engage in the mindfulness practice for the day, at the end of this program they will inevitably feel its beneficial impact in their life.

This is the reason I created the 29 Days Program – my belief that there are other people like the participants from these two groups for whom the care of the soul is the most important thing.

Feedback from participants
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