This program always starts on a New Moon!

Next New Moon is on

04 . 08
On the day of the New Moon, start with the First Assignment.

And, if you feel you want to continue working with the other assignments, these are the prices:

    Individual work with the Program
    300 лв.
      The price includes:
    • Twenty-nine assignments (134 pages).
    • Assignment readings (133+ pages).
    • Unlimited access to the Program – once you finish it, you can start it again from the beginning the very next day.
    • Possibility, after the Program has ended, to practice the assignments randomly through the My Practice for the Day.
    • Access (after the Program has ended) to the “reflection room”, which allows you to explore an important topic through a series of questions.
    Working with me during the program (without the program itself)
    90 лв.
      The price includes:
    • Initial consultation with me.
    • Over the course of the next 28 days, you receive written backlinks from me to your practice notes for the day. Communication between us happens in the form of correspondence through emails or my comments on what you wrote in a shared document.
    • Important! This opportunity is limited - please contact me before paying for it.
    • This price does not include the program itself.
Important! Even if you pay for the Program, you will only be able to access it on the second day after the New Moon, after which you will only receive one task per day.
More questions and answers
Why does this Program work?
Because the main reason for success in life is a high level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence skills are the very basis of fulfilling relationships and success in life, of physical and mental health, of self-confidence and inner strength, of a sense of well-being and wealth.

These are the things that are the main focus of human desires.

Clearly this is not a wish-fulfillment program in which you do a “wish-planting” ritual on the day of the New Moon and then you wait for life to materialize it.

On the contrary, this Program tells you that if you want the seed of your desire to germinate, it requires a lot of hard work to become aware and to practice what you have learnt in life. Or to use Terry Pratchett’s words:

If you trust in yourself… and believe in your dreams… and follow your star… you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy.”

Can it be used instead of psychotherapy?
The individual work with these 29 assignments and accompanying readings is designed as a self-help program. It cannot replace the individual approach of psychotherapy sessions; but if understood and applied correctly, it can provide great opportunities for self-healing. This is due to the fact that a significant part of psychotherapy is about providing knowledge and new perspectives to help us understand the causes of the things that trouble us.

The knowledge you will receive here will help you become aware of some of the most widespread cognitive errors, and replace the beliefs that distort your contact with reality with ones that take into account its dual nature.

Also, one criterion for mental health is for a person to be whole and to integrate the rejected part representing the painful truth about life. The truth about how we react to things in life lies in our emotions. When we reject our painful emotions, we reject the truth about how we feel. This rejection is the reason we get sick – physically and mentally.

Working with this Program will help you understand, accept and care for your painful emotions so that you achieve higher levels of mental health.

In this sense, working with these assignments and readings may have a distinct psychotherapeutic effect. And if you continue to practice the new mindset regularly in your life until it becomes a permanent part of your responses, it will have a lasting positive effect on your mental health and well-being.

Will I have access to the program after it ends?
After you finish the Program, the very next day, when the next New Moon begins, you will be able to start practicing again the assignments from the beginning or work on them randomly (on the page especially created for this: My Practice for the Day).

It will be great if you decide to do this, because the purpose of this Program is to create the conditions for building emotional intelligence habits, and new mindsets need many repetitions in order to become part of your personality. Also, we always have some unfulfilled desires that can fuel us to learn and grow, to become better.

I do not have enough time to do all the readings for the day...
If you cannot go through the accompanying readings for the assignment, you can still gain a lot from working on it. It is enough to do the most important thing – reading and practicing only the assignment for the day.

Reading the assignment takes less than 10 minutes, and practicing it does not require additional time as it refers to engaging the inner Observer while you go through the various activities of your daily life. All you need to do is to make an effort to stop when you feel the emotions rising, and to bring awareness and understanding to them.

And, most importantly, when the next month starts you will have an opportunity to catch up with anything you did not manage to read and practice. We need multiple repetitions in order to build a lasting mindset that changes the way we respond to what happens. Creating the conditions for that is one of the greatest strengths of this Program.

What is the reflection room?
This is a page that gives you the opportunity to explore a topic which is important for you – or on which you want to find a solution or new perspectives – through a series of questions.

You can use the first set of questions to record what you think about the topic and then you can explore the way you think through the second set of questions.

The vast majority of our problems are created by the misinterpretations of our mind, as well as by the one-sidedness of our conscious attitude. That is why the main subject of cognitive psychotherapy is the correction of the thoughts that distort our perception of reality.

Your individual work to explore your thoughts in the reflection room cannot replace your meeting with a cognitive psychotherapist, but it will give you the opportunity to ask yourself some of the most important questions you will hear in that meeting.